Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook: Analog Synthesizer Programming

Synthesizer Cookbook
Vol 2: Harmonic Catalog
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Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook


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  • Universal patch book
  • Sound analysis/reverse engineering
  • Synthesizer programming basics 

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Includes the full Kitchen Kits sample pack

A sample of the book can be viewed here (1.45 Mb):   SynCookbook.pdf

Section I:  In-depth explanations of synthesizer components

Intended to be an improvement on the approach taken by other books and online sources.  Goes deeper while remaining comprehensible even to beginners

In-depth explanations of oscillators, filters, envelopes, and LFOs using harmonic and waveform analysis to explain the operation of each parameter

Many figures and graphs to explain exactly what's going on 

Section II: Synthesis Through Harmonic Analysis and Reverse Engineering of Sound

For many users this is likely to be the most valuable section of the book

Through the use of examples shows how to use freely available harmonic analysis software to analyze and synthesize acoustic instruments, patches from other synths, and even reverse engineer sounds from previously recorded songs and samples.

This isn't just looking at waveforms in a sound editor.  This is looking at and replicating individual harmonics.  Synthesize specific instruments. 

Want to know what settings an artist used to produce that deep bass sound?  No problem.  The author has even used this technique to synthesize his own voice!  Harmonic analysis can produce results this specific even on analog synthesizers. 

Reduces time and guess-work and produces MUCH better results than programming by ear alone

Section III:  The original set of patches for ALL dual-oscillator synthesizers

View the list of available patches

102 universal patches for ALL dual-oscillator synths

65 of these patches are based on the harmonic and waveform analysis of acoustic instruments

37 of the patches are classic synth sounds: leads, basses, pads, and sound effects

Calibration section describing how to use included audio samples to calibrate a synthesizer's components for higher accuracy

CD Contents

New to the 3d edition!  The SCB softsynth (Windows VSTi): Dual oscillator synthesizer with 12 dB and 24 dB filters, and stereo effects. Amplitude and filter responses based on the averages of ten commercial synthesizers.  Originally developed to produce the patches in the book. (note:  The patches in the book are intended for ALL dual-oscillator analog synths not just the SCB!)

Kitchen Kits percussion full sample set

Fre(a)koscope harmonic analysis VST plugin by MDSP at Smartelectronix (Win / Mac)

Audacity sound editor (Win / Mac)

Calibration sound files for calibrating a synth's components (wav format) 

Full album of electronica (mp3 format) 

Book Format:  124 pages,  pressed binding

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