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Kitchen Kits: Cookware Percussion!
Included free with Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook
Download a set of examples here:
Examples  2.4 Mb Zip
680 Stereo Samples, 185 Mb
Over 140 pots, pans, kettles, lids, bowls, containers and more!


More unique than conventional drum samples!


Multiple hits: bottoms, sides, rims with mallet and light stick

Recorded with a Marantz EC-335 split-stereo microphone


VERY clean, high-fidelity samples!

16 bit/44.1 kHz stereo, WAV format


The perfect supplement to any drum sample collection!

Photo of each item included for easy identification!


Sure you could record these yourself, but don't slave away in the kitchen when all the work has been done for you!


Contains all of these :

Kettles and Pots

11” kettle

11” stainless steel (SS) kettle

10” pasta pot

10” SS kettle

9” pressure cooker



17" sheet pan

16" cookie sheet

16" miniloaf pan

15" sheet pan

14" cake pan

14" miniloaf pan

12" sautee pan

12" miniloaf pan

11” frying pan

11” AL cake pan

10.5” frying pan

10.5” cast iron frying pan

10” cake pan

10” springform pan

9.5” springform pan

9.5” SS mixing bowl

9.5” cast iron frying pan

8.5” springform pan

8.5” frying pan

8.5” circular cake pan

8.5” brownie pan

8” saucepan

8” frying pan

8” AL saucepan

7” shallow saucepan

7” saucepan

6” saucepan

Bottom broiler pan

Top broiler pan

Disposable Al miniloaf pan

Heart-shaped cake pan



Metal lids

12" Al lid

10” SS lid

10.5” SS lid

9” SS lid

8” saucepan lid

7.5” SS lid

7” SS lid one

7” SS lid two

6.5 SS saucepan lid

Steamer top



12" bakeware bowl

10.75” glass lid

10.5” glass lid

10” glass bakeware bowl

10” glass bakeware pie pan

9.5” glass bowl

9” glass bakeware bowl

8” glass lid

7.5” glass lid

7.25 glass bakeware bowl

6” glass bakeware bowl

5” glass measuring cup

5” glass bakeware

4.75” glass bowl

4” round glass bakeware

1 qt glass measuring cup

1 cup glass measuring cup

Beer Glass


Canning jar, pint

Canning jar, quart


Crockpot lid

Pilsner glass

Rocker glass

Thick drinking glass

Three thin drinking glasses

Three wine glasses



16" stoneware

16" turkey server

11” ceramic plate

8” ceramic sandwich plate

7” deep ceramic bowl

7” shallow ceramic bowl

three coffee cups

Small crockpot

Muffin cup



Plastic containers

12" strainer

10.5” plastic bowl

10” lock-top container

10” plastic grease tray

9” heavy plastic bowl

9” plastic bowl

9” plastic strainer

8” plastic lock-top container

7.5” plastic bowl

7.5” plastic strainer

6” plastic container

6” rectangular lock-top container

6” round plastic container

6” microwavable saucepan

5.5 hard plastic bowl

5” square plastic container

5” plastic sandwich container

5” half-liter plastic measuring cup

5” square container

4.5” sealed container

4.5” butter dish

4” plastic container one

4” plastic container two

2” round plastic container

1 liter water jug

 Disposable whipped topping container

Food mixer cup

Miniloaf cover


Plastic lids

10” heavy plastic lid

9” hard plastic lid

6.5 hard plastic lid

6.25 plastic lid

6” microwavable saucepan lid

5” hard lid

5” lid

Blender lid



16" steel cooling rack

16" SS cooling rack

14" wooden cutting board

11" plastic cutting board

Mixer attachments



Download a set of examples here:
Examples  2.4 Mb Zip