Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook: Analog Synthesizer Programming

Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook, Vol 2: Harmonic Catalog

Synthesizer Cookbook
Vol 2: Harmonic Catalog
Lil' Devil vst
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  • Over 230 harmonic graphs
  • Every major instrument
  • Program with precision 
  • $19.95 US on Amazon and eBay (follow "purchase" link on left)
    Includes Lil Devil additive synthesizer  (Windows VSTi)

    A sample of the book can be viewed here:   VOL2.pdf

    Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook, Volume 2 is intended for synthesizer players who have either read Volume 1 (black and yellow cover) or are familiar with using harmonic analysis to program synths.

    It contains over 230 frequency analysis graphs showing the harmonics of all the instruments in the orchestra, 808 and 909 drum machines, world instruments, vocals, sound effects and more.  Using these graphs and the included Fre(a)koscope analyzer it is possible to recreate these instruments with high precision.

    CD includes Fre(a)koscope frequency analyzer VST plugin (Windows & Mac) as well as a full unlocked copy of  the Lil’ Devil additive synthesizer VSTi (Windows only)